The EmWave Personal Stress Reliever is a small portable device designed to help users reduce stress, balance emotions and performance in everyday tasks. Through scientifically validated test, the manufacturer indicates that the EmWave device significantly reduces blood pressure users.

EmWave a totally different technique. It is a biofeedback device, but it is what makes the different technologies. It has an infrared sensor, which measures the flow of heartbeat (systolic and diastolic).

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EmWave Personal Stress relief using a pressure switch of the thumb, and a series of blinking LED lights to help you monitor stress levels and control your breathing.

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EmWave Product Features

  • A portable and convenient way to reduce stress, balance emotions and increase performance
  • Helps you control feelings of anxiety, depression and anger
  • Super bright LEDs, sound control, four challenge levels, coherence scoring and advanced user mode
  • An easy-to-use device that lets you and your body better deal with the tension and stress of modern life

How to Works of EmWave

Heartmath EmWave is based on hard science and incorporates the same patented HRV measurement and coherence scoring process found in the Freeze-Framer Interactive Learning System, HeartMath’s award winning PC based product that is being used by ten’s of thousands of people in over 50 countries.

EmWave shows the effects of stress on your body by measuring the subtle changes in your heart rhythms. This type of measurement is known as heart rate variability analysis or HRV. The analysis of HRV is recognized as a powerful, non-invasive measure that reflects heart-brain interactions and autonomic nervous system dynamics, which are particularly sensitive to changes in emotional state. However, emWave does a lot more than just show the effects of stress on your body. It reduces stress by training you to create more “coherence.” Coherence is a term used by scientists to describe a highly efficient physiological state in which the nervous system, cardiovascular, hormonal and immune systems are working efficiently and harmoniously. Coherence is a state very similar to what athletes experience when they are in what is called “The Zone”.

When you experience stressful emotions such as tension, anxiety, irritation, or anger, your heart rhythm pattern becomes irregular and incoherent, which negatively affects health, brain function, performance and your sense of well-being.

Ordered and harmonious heart rhythms are an indicator of your “coherence level”. High coherence is a state associated with positive emotional attitudes which send signals to the brain that reduce stress, improve brain function, hormonal balance, immune response, coordination and reaction

How to Using of EmWave

EmWave determines the degree of coherence found in your heart rhythm patterns and displays changes in real-time on a large tri-colored LED–the Coherence Level Indicator.

  • A red light indicates low coherence which would be normal.
  • A blue light indicates medium coherence which shows good improvement.
  • A green light indicates high coherence the optimal high performance, stress-free state.

The goal in using EmWave is to reduce stress by achieving and sustaining High Coherence (green). The Coherence Coach CD (included) provides instruction on how to do the Quick Coherence Technique to improve your coherence scores with emWave.

EmWave is easy to use. Simply place your thumb on the sensor or attach the Ear Sensor. After your pulse is detected a breathing pacer which synchronizes to your heart rhythms begins. As you practice the Quick Coherence Technique, breathing with the pacer while at the same time activating a positive feeling like the care you have for someone or the appreciation you have for the good things in your life, your coherence level (indicated in a large colorful LED) will begin to change from red to blue to green.

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EmWave offers four challenge levels to help you sharpen your coherence building skills. You can change the brightness of the LED displays and the audio feedback level. Additionally, it incorporates an accumulated coherence scoring display so you can track your progress during a session and an advanced user mode.

For most people in today’s high-stress world, it is rare for sustained periods of coherence to occur. Now with EmWave Personal Stress Reliever you have a convenient, practical way to help you reduce stress and shift into a higher state of coherence anytime, anywhere. Your stress will diminish and your feelings of well-being, balance and enhanced energy will increase.

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